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Our Story

The Dhanoa sisters grew up in a beautiful fusion of Eastern and Western culture. Serving their community and respecting those from different cultures, traditions and beliefs was instilled in them from a young age. As they grew older and made their own life choices, they began to come closer in realising there was a missing gap of ‘empowering all people equally’. There is no bias to where this can be applied. There are readily examples in homes, communities and in companies, where unfortunately freedom of personal growth is somewhat of a taboo subject or restricted. 

Being a powerful force together they believe in implementing change and making a difference now. They have voluntarily run online and in person workshops for the past three years on topics such as Balance, Mental health, Nutrition, Hope, Inspiration, Meditation, Values, Passions to name a few. They also invite expert guest speakers to give a diverse experience on their workshops. The speakers have made a positive impact and inspired their community and wider audiences too

It always starts with you
Before it can become we


The sisters are now proudly the founders of ublossom.weblossom a company in the well-being space for aspiring Entrepreneurs and Companies. They bring their uniqueness of energy, positivity and have first-hand experience from working in the corporate world and from being entrepreneurs themselves. They believe ‘often what you can’t measure is more important than what you can measure’. Their primary focus is supporting entrepreneurs and companies to achieve clarity, harmony, productivity and making space for them to understand their next steps. Together the sisters understand and identify what has been holding you back in your personal life and your business from excelling.


From a very early age Amrit has been generously giving back. She volunteered at the age of 13 at Sunday school and taught young children Punjabi. She absolutely loved this, and seeing the students improve their language skills was superbly rewarding. Her first work experience at the age of 15 was at a special needs school and it was this experience that had a profound impact on her desire to support others and communities. 

Her love for traveling, being immersed in cultures, languages and people continued. She lived in Thailand for a year whilst she taught English to Thai students. Amrit had the privilege of volunteering at a monastery teaching English to monks, which she describes as humbling and fulfilling memory. She also organised and ran weekend English camps for student nurses in Thailand. 

Amrit is now an experienced certified Jay Shetty Realisation and Fulfilment Life Coach. She guides her clients to realise their true-life passions and the purpose they truly desire. Empowering them to live life to their fullest potential and to become unstoppable. She loves to see people radiate and flourish when they are achieving their goals and living in their own happiness. 


Well-being and mental health are close subjects to Gi’s heart and ones that she champions on platforms to make a difference when invited as a guest speaker internationally. She has many years of experience as a project manager in the construction, aviation, and events sector. She has had the privilege of heading up projects with leaders in each sector, which gives her a diverse level of experience. The number one priority of all her projects was the welfare, well-being and health and safety of the teams. 

Gi has had the privilege of being a mentor in the corporate world and through her unique and solution driven approaches, there has been great successes on the projects she has led. Her biggest strength is to support and encourage others along their journey with positivity, guidance, and instilling self-belief to help them realise their strengths and focus on the opportunities ahead of them, as opposed to the obstacles. 

Her most important role in life is to be an inspiring mother to her daughter and teach her there are no limitations when it comes to ambition in life. It drives her every day to continue to achieve more and help others to grow in ways they did not believe possible. Gi wishes to positively challenge the concept of ‘just settling’ or ‘just passing time’. Her belief is when something does not feel right, we should take ownership and create that change ourselves.

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