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ublossom.weblossom offers a selection of services for companies, as each proposal will be bespoke in its delivery plan. The sisters are always keen to understand and improve existing processes that are working well within the company. Positive change is only achieved when alternative methods and ways of working are introduced to help develop your team’s growth, harmony and productivity


– Reflective, interactive and thought provoking workshops

– Apply new tools and techniques in your company

– Let’s talk about what’s not spoken about at events

Team away days

– Energetic, transformational and purposeful

– Listen and learn about one other

– Improved empathy and connection

1-1 Coaching Programme

5 x fortnightly Zoom Calls over 12 weeks

Overcoming your self-limiting beliefs

Working towards your goals and your priorities

Key Note Speakers

– They will Inspire, Motivate and Challenge you and your team

– Topics include positive mindset, personal growth and empowerment

– Available for in person and online events

ublossom weblossom


A packaged programme that supports you with developing your fundamental personal growth areas first as a priority. Then see yourself flourish and empowered to enhance your communication, connection in order to create a stronger and more aligned community within your company and see the results follow.


My Balance

My Values

My Passions

My Vision

My Priorities


The Big Cs

Empowering Leadership

Motivational Models

Some feedback from our ublossom weblossom workshops