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Services - Entrepreneurs

How can ublossom.weblossom help you?

ublossom.weblossom offers a variety of services that work best for you and your circumstances as an entrepreneur. A bespoke tailored service is adapted around your requirements and needs to ensure you get the best from the sisters and the results you desire. They listen empathise, recognise blind spots and provide a way of moving forward closer to your own individual goals in a short period of time.

Here are a few common discussion points that clients share and wish to have support with:

Benefits of working collaboratively

The number one benefit of working with the sisters is that they identify together with you, what is and is not working for you. Feedback from previous clients have reported the following benefits after working with The Dhanoa Sisters during a short period of time.

  • Untitled design
    Better relationships
  • Untitled design
    Open and honest with yourself
  • Untitled design
    More clarity and direction
  • Untitled design
    Priorities aligned
  • Untitled design
    Reduced stress
  • Untitled design
    Improved self-awareness
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    More confident in business
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    Feeling content
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    Better focus

1-1 Coaching Programme

1 x Discovery Call

5 x fortnightly Zoom Calls over 12 weeks

45 mins duration

Email support in between sessions

Share tools, techniques and frameworks


Overcoming your self-limiting beliefs

Working towards your goals and your priorities

ublossom programme

A programme designed just for you and your personal growth. The Dhanoa sisters have created a course that is accessible and adaptable around your lifestyle. The programme focuses on the fundamentals of enhancing and empowering individuals to be confident and lead their lives with purpose and clarity.

A small taster of what’s included:

My Balance
My balance, What is balance, Why is balance important, Your balance wheel
My Values
My Values, Why are Values important, What are my values, Are your values aligned
My Passions
My Passions, What is a passion, How do I find my passion
My Vision
My Vision, What is a vision, Vision boards, Who do I want to be
My Priorities
My Priorities, What are priorities, Are my priorities aligned

Hear what some clients had to say: