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Common findings from employee surveys

employee retention, conflict resolution relationship management, low morale seeking purpose, unappreciation negativity, low job satisfaction, tension lack of clarity, poor communication demotivated, uninspired, bored, stressed unpleasant environment, lack of respect values misaligned, under valued, sad not belonging, lack of support, unheard

72 % feel their workplace unhappiness has negatively impacted their physical and/or mental wellbeing*

*Source – Indeed’s Work Happiness score

1 in 10 UK employees would consider moving to another country to improve their work-life balance*

*Source – Standout CV

Around 76% of employees say workload is the cause of stress and unhappiness at work*

*Source – Servcorp

Our Approach

Ublossom.weblossom prides itself on being dynamic, diverse in its experience and bespoke in its approach. The sisters appreciate every client is unique and has a different desired outcome when working collaboratively together. Firstly, the sisters establish alignment in values with their clients, as they are interested in delivering results using soft skills that lead to successful, grounded Entrepreneurs and Companies.

They work with companies who care to implement positive new milestones, by placing their people first and are open to their alternative approaches. The Dhanoa sisters believe by keeping their knowledge share, techniques and tools simple enables their clients to apply ublossom.weblossom fundamentals into their life effectively and experience the positive outcomes in all areas of their life.

They encourage a positive mindset and outlook in life, however, understand there are always challenges and obstacles and this is where they help on how best to deal with them. Their main vision is to bring back the humanness into your holistic lives. Ublossom.weblossom creates space for its clients to reflect, write and discuss over what truly matters most to them and the company. The sisters are at hand to ensure and encourage individuals and companies show more support, care, empathy and kindness to themselves and their teams. 

Their services are adaptable and can be adopted in parallel of one another. As they understand that their clients face different priorities due to the economic climate and internal business change.

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